Eyebrow Piercing | All You Need To Know

Eyebrow piercings always look fashionable and classy. It continuously rules in the fashion industry and keeps trending all the time. Most renowned celebrities and personalities experienced eyebrow piercing and became the inspiration for many other people. Also, eyebrow piercing is not limited to a specific gender; it is a unisex fashion statement for men and women. The process of eyebrow piercing is quite tricky because piercing on the flat surface of the eyebrow hurts.

There are numerous FAQs about eyebrow piercing that people asks who want to get their eyebrow pierced to look stunning. Similarly, this article will answer all your questions like “do eyebrow piercings hurt, how to pierce your eyebrow, how much does an eyebrow piercing cost, how to clean eyebrow piercing and others. So, read this article and learn everything you need to know about eyebrow piercing.

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FAQs About Eyebrow Piercing

How To Pierce Your Eyebrow?

The process of eyebrow piercing is done with a hollow piercing needle specially created for surgical purposes. It is essential to first sterilize the needle before the needle of your skin surface. Also, before starting the piercing process, one must know how to do eyebrow piercing. So, that it would not create any problem and one can efficiently carry out piercing. Furthermore, to make piercing easy, use Pennington clamp accordingly. Next, you must make the skin surface ready and disinfect with saline water or sterilizing spirit. Then, mark the piercing points by using a pen or marker. Then, it’s time to do a piercing on the client, make sure the client is lying or sitting correctly. After that, use the Pennington clamp and grasp the muscle, then use a needle and poke at the mark. Then, push the needle to come out to the other spot quickly and then remove the needle gently. The piercing is done successfully. Now, you need to insert the jewellery on the piercing as soon as possible. So, the hole can not get closed quickly. Ensure the jewellery you insert on the piercing is well sterilized and disinfected earlier.

Additionally, avoid using amateur jewellery; it may cause infectious diseases, rejection, and pain. Lastly, when done with an eyebrow piercing, it’s mandatory to take complete care of pierced spot. The care refers to regularly cleaning the area with warm saline water, surgical spirit, and similar items. Similarly, one should avoid touching or pressing the spot accordingly and avoid sleeping on the piercing. Further, eyebrow shaving, plucking and other touching are prohibited for some days after getting pierced. Moreover, the application of beauty creams, serums and oils is not allowed at the pierced spot for the next few days.

How Much Does An Eyebrow Piercing Cost?

If you plan to get your eyebrow pierced, then don’t worry. It won’t cost you hundreds of dollars. Yes, by spending only $20 – $70, you can go for eyebrow piercing accordingly. The cost is not that much; anyone who is obsessed with this fashion can get it quickly. However, it is required to choose a trustable piercer for the purpose. Going to an inexperienced piercer can cause one serious injury. Also, the process necessary expertise that only a few have, so be careful when considering the piercer.

Do You Have To Trim Or Shave Off My Eyebrow To Pierce It?

Generally, no shaving or trimming is required when you are going for eyebrow piercing. Similarly, you can achieve any piercing style on your eyebrows without shaving them off. The piercer is skilful enough to manage all sorts of eyebrows, including a bushy, drag queen, and others without trimming.

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How To Clean Eyebrow Piercing?

Always use sterilizer spirit or saline water when you are preparing to clean the eyebrow piercing. First, take a cotton ball, dip it into saline water/ sterilized spirit, and place it on the pierced spot. Then, for the next five minutes, you need to put that cotton ball on the pierced hole and gently rub and clean the crusty material and dried blood. Lastly, remove the cotton ball and clean the pierced area again with another clean cotton ball and cool water.

How Much Does An Eyebrow, Piercing Hurt?

Comparatively, eyebrow piercing hurt less than other piercing does. While going through the process, the user feels a pinch along with the bearable pressure. However, after the procedure, one feels swelling, pain and bleeding. In this case, it is recommended to rush to the doctor for getting urgent care. Therefore, this rarely happens; conclusively, the eyebrow piercing process does not hurt, is not that painful and easily bearable.

How Long Does An Eyebrow Piercing Take To Heal?

People frequently ask how long do eyebrow piercings take to heal; the answer is 2 to 3 months. So yes, within 2 to 3 months, one can completely recover from the piercing pain. But it is essential not to touch, press or remove jewellery accordingly during the time. Otherwise, the pain can get higher, and one might face infections, rejections, and other issues. Also, avoid moving jewellery unnecessarily so that the piercing can heal within time.

How Long Do Eyebrow Piercings Last?

Eyebrow piercing can last longer if it’s well healed and cared for properly. It can quickly go for long years and at the same time cannot last for months. The eyebrow piercing can last if any other piercing can do. However, if one avoids wearing jewellery, he may face a closing hole, and the piercing cannot last accordingly.

I hope you liked reading all FAQs and their respected answers in this guide and learnt numerous things about eyebrow piercing. To wrap it up, we recommend taking precautions and complete guidance before accepting an appointment for eyebrow piercing. Because, before going to get eyebrow piercing, one must know how to care for it ideally.

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