Deep Study Of Heel Lifts

The heel lifter was initiated in the Far East by men to become taller through this unique method. Men cannot feel at ease with wearing heels for becoming more elevated, and there is no doubt that men are also cautious as women for height, but the men can’t wear heels because the others will make fun of them. They cannot increase their size without any physical object like heels, so they invent a technique to become taller through shoe lifters, invisible to others. There is nothing much to do; place the shoe lifter underneath your heel in any of your favorite flat shoes, and straight away, you will become taller as magic. No one will identify that you are wearing heel lifts and will not make laughter of you.

It will help you to increase the height to 3 inches. It is just a heap of layers to attain your wanted size. They can entirely modify your looks and how other men distinguish you. It is inexpensive, cottony, and unbelievably comfortable, as well as can be cleaned easily. Models throughout the world mostly use them. As we know, the tall, heighten men are hired very quickly and promoted at work, so it is the payback of heel lifts, so indirectly, it is also the source of income. Women also keep searching for tall men, so here are another payback o heel lifts to the men.

It is used to increase the height and cure foot wounds; let’s take an example that heel lifts are usually used for leg length inconsistency and heal the severe injuries of foot named Plantar Fasci Achilles tendinitis. In addition, it helps to support your feet to ease walk and reduce the pressure of your feet due to its unique technology called orthotic and increase your desired height.

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Working Of Heel Lifts

Don’t ever think about what is going to happen with this little thing? How can it cure our pain? This little thing is more beneficial, and it will never let your feet load pressure on themselves. As its name, it works as a lifter; it lifts the feet and reduces the amount of weight placed on your muscles, and rectifies your steps.

It helps to diminish the irritation and swelling done when you have been wearing high heels or standard heels for a long time; there is only a need to place underneath your feet and release pain. It helps restrain heels after injury, and it also defends your feet from any harm.

Time To Must Use Heel Lifts

People with Achilles tendonitis commonly use heel lifts; it is on-demand for those suffering from these types of injuries.

The loop that joins the heel bones with the calf muscles presents at the back of the leg. When it becomes hurt due to the overworked, it causes intolerable pain, and it becomes inflamed and irritated that can be gone with an added inflammation in that area.

This injury commonly appears in professional runners who increase their coaching routine and play sports in their leisure time or at the weekend. However, it is primarily appeared in men, as are people with cardiovascular disease and skin infection.

Achilles tendonitis itself is not a severe injury, but if it is neglected and not treated well for any reason, it will become critical; it might generate severe pain and immobility. In the case of a painful condition, there will be a need for an operation.

There are a lot of cures to relieve the manifestation of Achilles tendonitis. One of them is to place heel lifts underneath the feet. After that, fix it properly at the back of the shoe with the help of sticky tape; they will let your feet free from the weight and give them a possibility to remedy it along with your daily activities.

They can also fight against Plantar Fasciitis because they can lift the heels and reduce weight. These elements can be more effective if they function together.

Brands Of Heel Lifts

There are a lot of brands, and all have different varieties and features of heel lifts,


There are ranges of different sizes, size of any footy wear is available whether small, medium and large. And the layers are thick enough, and the thickness ranges starting from 4 mm to 15 mm. They adjust perfectly the shoe’s insole without any difficulty and are suitable everywhere, like sports and office use.

If you are dealing with any problem searching your desired size, you may ask for help to guide the appropriate standard size.


Following are the different varieties,

Adjustable Height Shoe Lift

Specially used for leg length discrepancies, the different color-coded strokes clarify the adaptations. The straps are attached to the insole to fix it along the feet. The sizes are available only for adults.

Felt Heel Pads

It is usually used for limb-length variation; the layers are attached with the help of adhesive glue. It contains about 72 percent wool, slope edge for the addition of comfort zone.

Trial Elevation San

The sole is made up of rubber which is flexible and lighter in weight. The heel counter is made of leather; straps are given to ix the feet through the ankle and instep.

Core- Product

The size range is small, and it is used to reduce the pain caused by leg length discrepancies. The heel lift, lifting the heel, then sucks the pain magically. It is ideally used for heel stimulation, tendonitis and heel bruising. It gives relaxation for an extended period. Furthermore, it contains three layers which are all removable. Lifts can be placed bilaterally. There is a coating of vinyl to protect it from UV and mildew.


Let’s discuss the varieties,

Adjust A Lift

It contains three layers made up of neoprene rubber, and the top is covered with a layer of leather. Layers can be removed if needed to adjust the height. The merit of this lift is there is no need to remove the shoe’s insole, and the lift can be placed with or without insole in the shoe. It can adjust easily. It is sold in single footwear.

Cork Heel Lift

It is inexpensive and straightforward and suitable for Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis. Efficiently fix in many shoes, and you may place it above and underneath the shoe bed. Durable for an extended period. It is sold in a pair of footwear. It is 5mm thick.

Podotech Heel Assists

It consists of 5 layers made up of EVA foam and attached by adhesive; layers can be removed while fixing according to the height. Light in weight and can adjust easily. It can be placed above or underneath the insole of the shoe. Layer thickness varies from 3 mm to 15 mm.

The top layer is covered with nylon and primarily used for Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, gait correction, and leg length discrepancies.

Dr. Aktive Heel Lifts

These lifts can be used for Achilles tendonitis and leg length discrepancies injuries. In addition, different ranges of widths and thickness can be directly used in the shoe beneath to remain orthotic.

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Various Materials Of Heel Lifts

Following are the materials from which the heel lifts are made of,

Cork Material

It is a magnetic material for known heel lifts, cheap in price, lighter in weight, and not easily breakable. It has various ranges of widths and thickness, and there is the coating of vinyl on the top surface o cork to fight against erosion and increase the lifetime. It can be suitable for women’s dress shoes because of its lightweight.

Furthermore, it can be placed beneath and above the shoe’s insole. A stern lift inside the shoe means that the shoe will soften as an unmodified shoe; due to this hardness, the lifts will not bounce, but it increases the height.

Moreover, it is primarily used for the leg length discrepancies and placed inside one shoe, but you’ll feel the same surface of both shoes. For a comfortable zone, set the lifts underneath the insole of shoes because the complex lift will never come to direct contact with your foot. It can be easily adjustable in different sizes of shoes, and you can also adjust to cut the lift by knife or cutter according to your shoe size. However, they are not durable for an extended period.

Solid Plastic Material

They are used for the leg length, durable more than cork or foam rubber for the extension of heavy use. There are various widths and sizes available, and there are ranges o the hardness of plastics. It is placed underneath the shoe, and it feels like an unmodified shoe. The lifts only add the height but not the flexibility.

Plastics are found based on quality, and the one is an injection that creates more thickness and maintains the shape of the lift; cast plastic can range in thickness. Solid plastic lifts are commonly found in different heights and widths, and it varies from 3 mm to 12 mm.

There is no glue for fixing them, but the adhesive sticking is used to ix them properly. There will be the perfect harshness in all shoes if the flow is excellent with solid plastic. It gives the proper shape; some are flat, curved, narrow, and wide, but the harshness should be less cork.

EVA And Foam Rubber Material

Foam rubber is broadly available in shoe repairing shops and is usually found in leather, and it can be placed beneath the shoe’s insole. It will help to increase the height maximum of 3/8 inches. Foam rubber heel lifts are also used for leg length discrepancies, but spongy rubber lifts cause some difficulties,

  • Not durable for an extended period because based on daily use it gets crushed and after crushed it will be no more suitable for height
  • The open-celled lifts suck the humidity, which creates the odor and bacteria
  • The urethane rubber materials cause the movement of the heel while walking due to the lower thickness of the lift.
  • When it is placed in one shoe, then it feels uncomfortable
  • It is not simple to adjust the lift in the shoe; while walking, your foot will compress and expand the foam, which creates uneasiness.

Elastic Material

They are helpful, especially when you are creating a change from no lift to the desired height. It allows you to make minor changes to examine the comfortable size for you; in small amounts, the elevation is easily fixed in tight shoes.

They are available in three layers of soft plastic foam and rubber, and multi-thin layers of vinyl create another one. The thickness of these layers is 3 mm, and the height can be increased and decreased with the range of 3 mm. Furthermore, there is a merit of three layers; if one or two layers are removed from the lift, then the last layers will flat as an insole on the shoe, and the portion feels like the foot on the insole of the shoe.

Heel lifts are a handy product, and they can provide relief from severe pain and injuries. However, it also helps to Heel lifts are a handy product, and they can provide relief from severe pain and injuries. However

The models and actors usually use them. And this is the fact that men get many opportunities and promotions due to their taller height. There are so many benefits of heel lifts and how to use them; all are mentioned above.

Different varieties of different brands are also mentioned for your knowledge.

If you try once, you’ll love it, and no one can recognize the secret of your height. So enjoy it and never let anyone know about that stuff!

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