How to Use Mousse to Add Volume | Simple Steps

Hair mousse is a product that is designed to transform one’s frizzy, curly and straight dull hair into fabulous volumized hair. It effortlessly makes the hair soft, flexible, and manageable to provide one with the perfect volumized hair in no time. Volumizing mousse does wonder in transforming hair, possibly if you have an idea on how to use volumizing mousse ideally. However, if any beginner is reading this post and wants to create a volumized hairstyle with the help of hair mousse, then this guide is written primarily for you. So, check out the following steps and make the best out of your volumizing hair mousse.

To unveil how to apply mousse for volume, one needs to read the following simple steps and follow them when you want to volumize your dull, boring hair ideally.

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Wash Your Hair

The main reason to use hair mousse is to add volume to hair. It cant be possible if the hair is not washed and cleaned. Further, cleaning is required; one may pass the hair with any suitable volumizing shampoo and conditioner. You can buoy one according to your hair type for best results.

Wring The Hair Out

After washing hair, you need to squeeze the hair and remove water from the hair gently. Then, one can use a soft towel or any piece of cloth for drying wet hair. Remember, don’t wrap your hair in a towel for long hours. It can tangle the hair worse and make them dry. Therefore, you may find difficulty in combing the hair afterward.

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Apply Hair Mousse To Add Volume

Please don’t go for too much mousse; it is always better to apply a little mousse to hair and achieve results. Now, take a coin-sized mousse on the palms of your hands, rub together the hands properly and apply the mousse to hair from tips to roots. The application process of volumizing hair mousse is the same as you use the hair conditioner. However, the difference is with conditioner, and the focus is tips of the hair. At the same time, the hair mousse is safe to apply to the roots and on ends.

Take Out Your Hairdryer And Start The Process

Now, it’s up to you whether you need a messy curly hairstyle or fine, straight hair with the addition of incredible volume. You need first to decide and blow-dry the hair accordingly. Similarly, if you love curly volumized hair, then use a diffuser and a hairdryer, or if you want to go for long straight hair, then use a concentrator nozzle. Additionally, you may require a curling brush to make perfect upward and inward curls while blow-drying process.

After applying hair mousse to add volume, it’s time to set hair using a hairdryer. If you are a beginner and don’t know about blow-drying, then try heading towards your nearer salon or following some workable tutorials from the internet. On the other hand, those who regularly blow-dry their hair would find it fun and effortless to blow-dry it when applied mousse. The mousse provides ultra shine to hair and makes them attractive and manageable. Hence, you can create hairstyles according to your choice and hair type with the help of a blow dryer, comb or bristle brush and shine like a start all the time.

Therefore, It is always mandatory to pick a hair volumizing mousse that is free from harsh and toxic chemicals also must suit your hair type. Otherwise, all you end up with having dry, rough, and unattractive hair. Similarly, after investing in the perfect formula, one must know how to use mousse to add volume to the hair. Thus, providing volume to hide at home with the help of mousse can save you much time and trips to the salon. Also, this is an affordable way to bring an ultimately appealing look to your hair.

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