Luminess Airbrush Makeup Reviews | The Best or Worst Product of 2021?

The airbrush makeup was created to bring ease and feasibility into the user’s life. With airbrush make-up, one can spray the makeup on the face with the help of an airbrush machine. Similarly, with such a machine, makeup application became smooth and efficient. Also, makeup application with fingers, hands and sponges are unable to deliver the perfect look. That’s why an airbrush system is recommended and brands like luminess air makeup has gained fame.

In this article, we will review the top-rated Luminess Air Basic Airbrush Makeup Kit for your consideration. Based on customers luminess air reviews and luminess silk reviews, we have critically analyzed them.

Best Airbrush Makeup Kit In 2021

What Is Airbrush Makeup?

It works through its compressor, which is connected to the spray painting gun. Simultaneously, the gun sprays the makeup after pressing the boot button. Similarly, one can use it for makeup, heavy makeup, bridal makeup, and get a gradient look. Luminess air instructions provide details about its using techniques.


Luminess Cosmetics

Luminess BREEZE DUO Airbrush Makeup System, Fair Coverage – 9-Piece Kit includes 2x Silk Airbrush Foundation, Soft Rose Blush, Glow Highlighter, Moisturizer Primer, and Airbrush Cleaning Solution

as of November 9, 2022 10:31 pm

Luminess Cosmetic was founded in back 1996 by fashion designer-Prashant Mehta and Nidhika. Since now, the brand is continuously manufacturing quality and advanced cosmetic products, including airbrush makeup for people worldwide. The brand luminess introduced two types of airbrush makeup system for different levels of makeup artists. One is the Luminess Air Legend system, and the other is Luminess Air Pro System. The purpose was to bring more ease and convenience to the user during the application. It is tricky and challenging to use airbrush makeup, but luminess makes it all possible.


Review of Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup Kit

Luminess Air Basic Airbrush Makeup Kit and 9-Piece Silk 4-In-1 Airbrush Foundation Starter System, Tan Coverage - Quick, Easy and Long Lasting Application - Includes Primer, Blush and Glow

as of November 9, 2022 10:31 pm

The fantastic makeup kit Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System is no doubt a masterpiece. Most consumers praised the kit a lot and recommended it to makeup artists and professional individuals. Moreover, it is ideal for supplying smooth and quicker application of makeup to the users. Its unique makeup formula is beneficial in preventing one’s skin from harmful UV rays and other substances. Similarly, the luminess airbrush makeup reviews gained positive reviews on this starter kit.

Kit Contains

The fabulous starter kit contains 12 shades of vast foundations to facilitate people with different skin tones. Additionally, the foundation can conceal wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots on the face. So you don’t need to apply concealer on it. Also, the Luminess foundation is safe to use on any skin, are free from oil and alcohol. It cannot cause any irritation and reaction on sensitive or other skin. Apart from the foundation, the kit contains eight different and stunning blush shades.

Furthermore, the kit offers a moisturiser that is difficult to find in any makeup kit. Additionally, the Luminess makeup kit provides a year of warranty for customer satisfaction. Also, the equipment carries an Airbrush stylus-the gun-type machine that sprays the airbrush makeup on the face), Airbrush compressor-it supplies makeup with pressure to the stylus, Instructions-in video form, Highlighter, a Hose and others.

Advantages And Disadvantages


  • The kit case is so attractive, convenient and travel-friendly.
  • It’s a perfect makeup starter pack for makeup lovers and professional makeup artists. It comes with proper guidelines in video form that make it simple to use.
  • After applying airbrush makeup, the gradient and fresh look unveil that can last for long hours.
  • The other luminess cosmetic products can be bought separately.
  • Above all, the luminess silk makeup is perfect consistency wise, sweatproof and buildable.


  • The kit is relatively expensive Expensive, but it’s worth the price.
  • Over application of luminess air, silk can create a cakey look.
  • The airbrush makeup requires the proper way to use it.
  • The foundation can clog into the stylus.
  • The makeup can run too fast in less time.

Therefore, The user’s requirement is all about makeup sustainability, delicate and smooth look, and quality formula. Whereas these all demands are fulfilling in luminess silk airbrush makeup products. The foundation is perfect for providing smooth texture and a perfect glamorous look without clogging pores. Above all, it’s safe to use, and the products contain original and harmless substances. Therefore, its also easily removable and maintains the beauty of your skin. Hence, get your all-day perfect makeup look with luminess silk air cosmetics and slay.

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