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Whenever using any skincare, haircare, or makeup product, one must come across the words “Fragrance, eau de toilette, and Parfum or scent” on the ingredient’s list. Similarly, these three things are the significant part of those chemicals that are required in making Fragrance Perfume. This guide to Fragrance Strength & Types will highlight all scent types, perfume categories, and fragrance families.

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What Is Perfume Or Fragrance?

Fragrance means the good smell or any aroma which a person enjoys. [1]

Moreover, the composition of extracted essential oils fragrances, fixatives, solvents, and aroma compounds is used to create perfumes, aiming to provide a pleasant human body scent. [2]

The History Of Perfumes

Ancient Egyptians first Introduced Perfumes; the purpose was to celebrate religious events with the application of beautiful pure fragrances. The process includes extraction of fragrance from essential oils, herbs, flowers, and resin through burning. Simultaneously, today’s method of making perfume was first discovered by Persian Chemist Ibn-e-Sina(Avicenna).

The first experiment of Ibn-e-Sina was with Rose; he crushed the petals with fragrant oil and liquid and created the liquid perfume, which later became so popular. [3]

The making of essential oil perfume in liquid form started from there.

Why Do People Use Perfumes?

People’s love and obsession for fragrances and good attracting smells is not a new thing. It is from ancient times when they wore types of scents and essential oil perfume on special occasions and festivals. In today’s time, perfumes became common and can be found in any corner of the world. Besides, people have many reasons to wear it. The primary benefit of using perfume is that it can change the person’s mood and make him happy for a while. Furthermore, the most common reasons why people wear perfumes are:

  1. Research showed that perfume plays an essential role in enhancing and creating sexual attraction between a couple. [4] Moreover, the human body contains hormones called “Pheromones,” which usually activate with the fragrance and scent. The purpose of these hormones is to generate sexual desire in the human body. This can be the main reason for one to wear perfume to attract their partner.
  2. It provides fresh vibes, and when one cannot take out time for a bath, then perfumes are the best option. Even perfumes help one in feeling fresh when it is hot summers and sweating weather running. Furthermore, you and your friends can enjoy memorable moments without any foul odor.
  3. Perfumes are the memory trigger; there is a strong connection between memory and smell. Sometimes, you miss a person with the smell or aroma which he used to have.
  4. Fragrances play an essential role in Highlighting one’s personality and Identity. Similarly, by wearing your Signature type of scent, one can catch attention and attraction at any event. Also, it is not mandatory to stick to the same fragrance, and you can play with more flavors and scent types to stand out from the crowd.
  5. Perfumes are the easiest way to transform or boost one’s mood. If anyone has a bad mood or headache, the fragrance can vanish out flawlessly. That is why people wear perfumes to get rid of negative vibes and get peace and serenity.
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Understanding Fragrance Families

What Is Fragrance Families Charts?

The different flavors and scent types are classified into a fragrance group called “Fragrance families.” This contains numerous different types of scents in an organized set. Through this, one can evaluate the differences of fragrances and learn quickly about their belonging. This process was designed to provide feasibility in finding signature scents for people.

The perfume categories fragrance families include: floral, woody, fresh, and oriental.


The most common fragrance family is “Floral,” which consists of classic fragrances. Flower word is derived from flowers, which means the floral family contains the fragrances of beautifully scented flowers like violet, rose, orange, blossom, etc. Moreover, the Soft Floral and Floral orientals are subcategories of floral.


The magnificent woody fragrances are a combination of warm and luxurious scents. Moreover, the Sandalwood and Patchouli are warm woody notes most commonly found in scents. In comparison, the vetiver and cedar are available in drier woody fragrances. Woody oriental, mossy woods, woods, aromatic woods, and dry woods are the woody family’s subcategories.


The most loved and dominant fragrance family is Oriental fragrance. It is also known as “Amber.” This family contains beautiful notes of vanilla, myrrh, and frankincense. Furthermore, rich balsams, romantic resins are another outstanding yet prominent part of this family. The subcategories of oriental fragrance include floral oriental, soft and woody oriental, and gourmand fragrances.


The fresh Family fragrance consists of all fresh fragrances extracted from juicy and edible fruits. Additionally, the different scents can quickly transform a bad mood into a new and happy mood. The subfamilies of fresh fragrances include aromatic, fruity, water, green, and citrus. Hence, all fragrances are created from natural ingredients. This family is the perfect summer scent to provide fresh vibes.

The Different Perfume Categories

Perfume comes with different types and categories, which may confuse you sometimes. It is essential to learn about the nature of the product before buying. Similarly, we need to distinguish between different scent types and at least have adequate knowledge of what we will buy. There are five main categories of perfume which are Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de toilette, Eau de Cologne and Eau Fraiche.

Perfume Or Parfum

The perfume or parfum includes 20 to 30% of essential oils fragrances, making it more expensive among all perfume categories. Similarly, the vast quantity of essential oils makes it heavy, and it lasts long up to 24 hours. These scent types contain less alcohol and nontoxic chemicals, though it is best for people having sensitive skin.

Eau De Perfume Or Eau De Parfume

This category contains approximately 15 to 20% of essential oil extract or fragrance in the formula; it is cheaper than Parfum. Furthermore, the water and alcohol in the bend can last up to 6 to 8 hours easily.

Eau De Toilette

The formula of this perfume category contains 5 to 15% of essential oil with fragrances. Moreover, the formula comes in a spray bottle because it is too light. Whereas, the price rate of Eau de Toilette is way affordable. Further, it can last up to 2 to 4 hours. Whereas, sometimes, it can vanish quickly because of the availability of vast alcohol in formula.

Eau De Cologne

This category contains a minimum quantity of perfume extract or essential oils, 2 to 4% only. It is also called “feminine eau de cologne” because of the light fragrance. This type of perfume can last up to 2 hours only, which is why they come in big bottles.

Eau Fraiche

Only 1 to 3 % of perfume extract or essential oil is available in this category. In comparison, freshwater is available mainly in the formula of Eau Fraiche. Moreover, the purpose of this perfume is to keep one fresh. Thus it can last up to an hour only.

Therefore, Fragrances are the real mood fresheners for everyone in the world. People can have different choices and signature scents in perfume, but our love for fragrances makes us all the same. The above article, “A  guide to Fragrance Strength & Types,” was aimed to provide adequate knowledge to beginners or fragrance lovers. Furthermore, the focus was to share knowledge about different categories of perfumes and fragrance families. So that in the future, we cannot have to face issues while investing.

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