How to Make Waterproof Makeup Setting Spray

Waterproof makeup is not limited only to the beach, pool parties, or any similar event. But it is necessary for summer especially. Because of the increase in humidity in summers, one can face a lot of sweating issues. Similarly, it is the best time to use waterproof makeup to look fresh and appealing all time. Waterproof makeup is not just about foundation, mascara, or concealer; the waterproof makeup setting spray is also included when talking about waterproof makeup.

People forget or feel unimportant in investing in waterproof makeup setting spray. However, it is most important among other makeup products. Because the setting spray at the end protects your makeup all day and maintains skin oil. Also, with such a product, you can enjoy smudge-free, crease-free and non-melted makeup looks for long days. Therefore, as the product is that important, we have rounded up the DIY formula of making waterproof makeup setting spray; you can make it easily at home in no time. Furthermore, at the end of the article, there are numerous FAQs about makeup setting spray mentioned. So check out and find complete information.

How to Make Waterproof Makeup Setting Spray

How To Make Waterproof Makeup Setting Spray

Getting a ready-made makeup setting spray from the market is like you want to involve your skin with harmful chemical substances. However, not all makeup setting sprays contain hurtful or toxic chemical substances. Numerous brands supply ultimate makeup setting sprays free from harmful substances and are gentle on the skin. Well, to buy one, you need to have hundreds of dollars in the pocket; similarly, they are pricey. So, what is better than making your own waterproof makeup setting spray by following a simple DIY formula? Here we share the excellent yet straightforward steps through which you can get to know how to make waterproof makeup setting spray. Check out.

Aloe Vera And Lavender Oil Makeup Setting Spray

Required Ingredients

The ingredients that you will use to create makeup setting spray are most commonly available in everyone’s place. These are:

  1. Aloe Vera Gel
  2. Lavender Oil


Add 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel with 2 to 3 drops of lavender oil and mix well. Then add one cup of water to the mixture and mix properly. Then take a spray bottle, fill the prepared water in it and shake the bottle well. Here the makeup setting spray is ready. Aloe vera is responsible for keeping your skin’s surface de-oiled and matte.

Further, the nutrients in aloe vera gel help to provide skin deep nourishment and moisture. In addition, lavender oil is best in preventing skin from acne and other similar issues. Also, it adds a glow to the face. Hence, this makeup setting spray is ideal for making your skin healthy and hydrated all day.

Top 10 Best Makeup Setting Spray

Witch Hazel And Rose Water Makeup Setting Spray

Required Ingredients

  1. Witch Hazel
  2. Rose Water


Another best formula of DIY makeup setting spray is the combination of rosewater and witch hazel. To make a makeup setting spray, you require to add 1 tbsp of rose water with 1 tbsp of witch hazel. Then, add a cup of water to the mixture and mix well. After that, you need to fill the mixture in any spray bottle and shake it properly before using it. Then, the makeup setting spray is ready to use.

Rosewater is beneficial in keeping the skin’s surface healthy, vibrant, and dewy. In addition, it maintains skin oil and makes one refreshing all day with mesmerizing fragrance. Similarly, witch hazel is enriched with substances that fight the skin’s excessive oil and hold it all the time. Therefore, combining both ingredients creates a beautiful makeup setting spray that can keep your makeup on point all day. Lastly, the combination would help in making your skin acne-free, bright and healthy.

FAQs About Makeup Setting Spray

What’s The Best Waterproof Setting Spray?

Our writers couldn’t decide one, so here are the two best waterproof makeup setting sprays that are the customer’s favorite and affordable.

Our top pick among all makeup setting sprays is Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. It is ideal in maintaining the makeup on point all day that no other product can provide. Further, the urban decay makeup setting spray is affordable. Similarly, if you want a budget-friendly option, then order this one now.

Editor’s Second choice is TARTE Stay Spray Setting Spray because of its lightweight formula and excellent performance. The micro-fine mist of Tarte stays spray effortlessly locks makeup for a maximum of 16 hours and serves one the crease-free look. Also, the ideal formula is formulated with natural ingredients that can make your skin flawless and smooth.

Is Urban Decay Setting Spray Waterproof?

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray is waterproof and can serve one sweat-free look for more than 16 hours. Furthermore, its patented temperature control technology maintains makeup fresh and smudge-free all time. Thus, there is no harm in investing in such good makeup setting spray with a lot more to offer.

Is NYX Setting Spray Waterproof?

The NYX Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray is one of those products that people love to buy without caring for the price. Because it values your money and works ultimately perfect in keeping your makeup on point, the formula is waterproof that can successfully serve one all-day sweat-free, smudge-free, and fresh makeup look.

Is Wet n Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray Waterproof

Yes, wet n wild Photo Focus Matte Finish Setting Spray is also the waterproof formula more famous for serving stunning matte finish looks. Furthermore, the ultra-hydrating mist keeps your skin hydrated along with managing excessive oil effectively.

Therefore, the makeup setting waterproof sprays are the essential products that everyone must add to their makeup kits. Hence, without the ideal makeup setting waterproof spray, you couldn’t look glamorous for hours.

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