Common Shaving Problems Faced By Men

The one thing that unites men across seven continents is shaving problems. Shaving is something that you need to learn on your own, and even if you have been shaving for years, you will always learn something new from your barber or dermatologist.

Although, shaving seems pretty straightforward. One needs to pick the razor and drag it on the face till the growth has gone. However, to have a good shave, you need to gain extra knowledge and put in the extra effort. Besides, the challenge of shaving is to cut the beard close to the skin without cutting the unwanted skin.

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This can be achieved only by having an understanding of both your beard’s hair and also skin [1].

While there is no correct way to do shaving, there are certainly plenty of wrong ways. Further, shaving comes with numerous slip-ups that are addressed in this article. If you want to put up with your macho look without getting hurt, then you are at the right place. We have discussed here the major shaving problems and also their possible solutions for a perfect beard.

Men’s Shaving Problems And Solutions

Razor Nicks


Deep cuts that cause an outpouring of blood result in razor nicks, bumps also called razor cuts. Following are the reasons for razor nicks;

  1. Cut on skin patches
  2. Scratch on blemishes


To reduce pube razor burn, try the solution given below;

  1. Make sure you are always using a high-quality, sharp razor and sanitizing it daily.
  2. Also, apply sufficient lubrication before shaving, as dry skin is prone to razor nicks.
  3. Lastly, recheck your technique and angle that you are using.


How to get rid of razor bumps and prevent them in coming up in future? Below are few tips

  1. Invest in a good quality razor and throw away all the cheap and dull ones. Also, always replace blades after every eight shaves.
  2. Lubricate your skin enough to make it well moisturized. Besides, you can also spend few minutes in the steamy environment before shaving to wet your skin and then apply moisturizer for better-lubricated skin.
  3. Suppose you get razor cuts often, dab antiseptic with a cotton swab, and then apply an ice cube on it. The ice cube will help constrict vessels and finally stop the bleeding.

Pube Razor Burns


Patches of irritated, red skin that appear after shaving are called razor burns. The causes are;

  1. Dull razors
  2. Dry skin
  3. Pressing sharp blade too hard.
  4. I am shaving against the growth.


To cure razor burns;

  1. Moisturize your skin before and after shaving.
  2. Apply ice cube on it or dab the wet cloth on it for few minutes.


You can easily avoid razor burns by following methods;

  1. Always soften your skin before shaving by using oil, any shaving cream, or gel cream.
  2. Use a razor that has sharp blades.
  3. Lastly, after shaving, do not forget to moisturize your skin.
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Razor Bumps


Razor bumps are similar to ingrown hairs. It causes inflammation and also infection. One of three reasons can result in them.

  1. Either hair never grows out of the skin.
  2. They get curls.
  3. Alternatively, they grow into the skin.

Men of Africa or the Mediterranean are more prone to razor bumps because of their thick curly hairs.   


You can sort out your problems by the following solutions;

  1. Try shaving after showering as whiskers become softer and shave closely to the skin.
  2. Do not pull out your skin taut, as this will create a bump.
  3. While shaving, use the fewest number of strokes and clean the blade after every stroke.
  4. Use tweezers for pulling out ingrown hairs.


To prevent razor bumps in the future, one must follow the subsequent points

  1. Switch to a razor with a single blade.
  2. Do not shave with pressure; instead, shave with light hands.
  3. Stop avoiding close shaving, as it is letting facial hairs sticks into follicles.

Ingrown Hairs

When the hair of a broken end grows underneath the skin or inside the follicle, it is called ingrown hair instead of breaking out on the surface.


There are various causes;

  1. Either your skin is excessively oily or completely lacks moisture
  2. Coarse facial hair
  3. Pores blocked by dead skin cells
  4. Improper shaving way


If you want to get rid of ingrown hairs, try the solutions given below;

  1. Moisturized your skin well enough before shaving.
  2. Shave by the proper technique using a sharp blade with fewer strokes.
  3. You should keep your skin hydrated and moderate.
  4. Cleanse your skin, exfoliate and try pore opening tricks.
  5. Use proper shaving tools and proper technique.


Below are the points via which one can prevent ingrown pubic hair;

  1. Once every week, open your pores by damping the facecloth over the face.
  2. Do proper facial, cleanse your face, and scrub gently to wash away dead cells.
  3. Do not put much pressure while shaving.
  4. Abstain from plucking hairs through tweezers.
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Skin Irritation And Dryness


The following reasons result in Skin dryness and irritation.

  1. Allergic reactions due to harsh chemicals on the skin.
  2. Improper shaving method.


One can quickly solve this problem by following two ways out;

  1. Use the right product on the skin.
  2. Correct your shaving method, and do not shave as close to the skin as possible.


To prevent it from happening in the future, one must;

  1. Check his skin type and buy products that are formulated for his skin only.
  2. A built-in aloe strip razor must be preferred.
  3. Avoid sodium lauryl sulfate products.
  4. Use creams that contain aloe Vera or are rich in emollients.
  5. Shave in hair growth direction first. Go for the opposite direction when any stray hairs are left.
  6. If you have dry skin, moisturize your skin at the end and go for products rich in vitamins and sheer butter.

Barber’s Rash


Among all the rashes that incur, a barber’s rash is the worst one. It is caused by

  1. The use of unhygienic tools and dirty towels results in cystic pimples and sores.
  2. Ingrown hairs 
  3. Moreover, bacterias, that have passed into the skin because of cuts and incisions.


To cure Baber’s rash, one must

  1. Apply ice cube on the infected area.
  2. Also, use after-shave lotion to seal the pore.


One can easily prevent this by

  1. Using clean and hygienic tools and accessories.
  2. Washing the razor properly through warm water.  

Take Away

Men have to deal with shaping from puberty till death regularly. Hence, to make shaving more enjoyable and less cumbersome, we have listed the significant problems with their effective solutions. Hopefully, implementing the above techniques help you in shaving and make it more amusing. If one cannot deal with problems with the above solutions, he must immediately visit the doctor.

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