All You Need to Know About the Ridge Wallet

Minimalism has influenced many people and is the most ongoing trend in everybody’s life. Keeping that in mind, The Ridge has come up with the motto of “Carry less, Live more,” and every wallet proves that this brand is sticking to its motto.

The ridge wallets are made so that they crack maximum performance out of the minimalist design. As a result, they fit your aesthetic and holds everything you need. Moreover, their wallets are refined, durable perfectly made for your front pocket. In addition to that, their holding capacity and RFID block technology are unparalleled. Men who have used ridge wallets have given the best reviews and highly recommend it to those looking for minimalist, streamlined wallets.

In this article, we have discussed all related to ridge wallets, their best features, materials, and much more, along with the best ridge wallet Amazon stores.

Primary Choices

The ridge cares about its customer preferences, and to satisfy every customer’s needs, they offer multiple choices in type, material, color, and graphics. Let’s discuss the primary decisions.

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Versions Of Wallets

One can get two versions of wallets at the Ridge. Hence, based on your need and choice, you can select any of the two below. They are,

  1. Cash clip version
  2. Cash Strap version

Material Choices

All the wallets are made of high-quality, durable material that will last longer. The ridge makes their wallets out of the below three materials.

  1. Carbon fiber
  2. Titanium
  3. Aluminum

Despite aluminum wallets are the most commonly used wallets, the other two have also got recommendable ridge wallet review.


The ridge offers a wide array of classic and sophisticated colors that suits your elegant personality. The list of colors available at the ridge is below,

  1. Gunmetal
  2. Navy
  3. Woodland Camo
  4. Black
  5. Topographic
  6. Matte Black
  7. Raw Silver
  8. Forged Carbon
  9. Matte Olive
  10. Desert Tan
  11. White
  12. Celeste
  13. Gold
  14. Rose Gold
  15. Tiki
  16. Tropical.

With various colors, materials, and versions of wallets, one can personalize their minimalist wallet as they desire.

All You Need to Know About the Ridge Wallet

Additional You Get.

The Ridge offers various accessories with a sleek design wallet. The ridge minimalist wallet comes in a minimalist and sleek box which includes the following additional,

Info Card

You can get all the information about the company and its wallet from the info card.

Penta Lobe Screwdriver

Unlike your traditional wallets, these metal wallets sometimes require a bit of tinkering, and for that purpose, the ridge itself provides a screwdriver.

Tiny Screws

To keep things nice and secured, the wallet must have tight screws. But while changing the elastic, which might run loose with time, or any other reason the screw might get lost, can result in the wallet being unsecured and loose. But the Ridge got your back, and it offers you additional screws for the worst-case scenario.

Elastic Band

The elastic band does not come with the box, but you can easily purchase it for only seven bucks if you want to.


The stylish and sleek design of the wallet enhances its every feature and makes it the most beautiful minimalist wallet. It features the design of the rectangle form factor with a thumb notch to boot. In addition to that, they also have slots at both the front and backside that make it spacious.

One can access the cards in three different ways.

  1. Use a finger or thumb notch to push out the card.
  2. Spread the wallet like an accordion and then push cards out.
  3. Fan out edges of the wallet.

The design of both the wallets, i.e., Cash strap and cash clip both are amazing. Besides, one can also cover the cash strap wallet to the the ridge wallet money clip by simply purchasing an elastic band and attaching it to the wallet. But as per the the ridge wallet review, the latter is more practical and sleeker.

Pros And Cons Of The Ridge Wallet

As nothing in this world is perfect, hence no wallet is perfectly made. The same is the case for the Ridge wallets. They are close to perfection, highly recommended, and worth having, but they have certain flaws. Though its pros are more than its cons but still to make buying easy for you, we have highlighted this wallet’s both good and bad sides below.

Pros Of The Wallet

  1. All the cards inside the wallet are secured and safe. One needs not worry about them sliding down while taking out the other.
  2. The RFID technology is powerful; hence it is sensitive to every sort of identity theft. It entirely blocks all types of radiation.
  3. The impeccable design and construction of this wallet have made its tolerance very low.
  4. The minimalist design ensures that it appears compact even after it is full of cards and cash.
  5. The lightweight makes it carrying easy.
  6. It offers multiple and various choices; hence you quickly chose the wallet that suits your aesthetic.
  7. This metal wallet is made of high-quality material which is durable, rigid, and non-bendable. Hence it will stay the same and keep its shape and features for a long time.
  8. A replaceable elastic band increases the wallet’s durability.
  9. A money clip wallet can easily be turned into a cardholder by simply removing the clip.
  10. All the wallets of the ridge come with the warranty of a lifetime.

Cons Of The Wallet

  1. If you stuff more than eight cards, taking out cards will become problematic.
  2. To maintain its sleek look, you need to take proper care of this wallet and wipe it down now and then.
  3. There is a particular way of getting cards out from the wallet of which one gets used to it but with time.
  4. There is no space to carry coins, and also the wallet cannot hold more than 8 folded cash.

Top 5 ridge wallets

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The Best Ridge Wallets


The Ridge Money Clip Wallet

The Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet For Men - RFID Blocking Front Pocket Credit Card Holder (Gunmetal)

as of December 1, 2022 10:11 pm

Along with all the essential features that all Ridge wallets possess, this wallet also has the feature of interchangeable elastic and screws. Furthermore, the anodized gunmetal plates further enhanced its appearance and gave it a sleek look. Besides this, ridge wallet is the Amazon choice and highly recommended.


The Ridge Wallet Authentic

The Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet For Men - RFID Blocking Front Pocket Credit Card Holder - Aluminum Metal Small Mens Wallets with Cash Strap (Black)

as of December 1, 2022 10:11 pm

If you are looking for a functional, slim, and integrated cash strap wallet, then this wallet is perfect for you. It is an excellent, high-rated, and unique Amazon wallet that is made of high-quality titanium material. The friendly and clean solid appearance will leave you feeling enchanted and amazed.

Carbon Fiber 3K

Despite being expensive, carbon fiber is one of the most loved wallets by men. The carbon fiber weave and the matte finish give it a classic look. The Ridge only makes carbon fiber wallets in black color. Compared to the Aluminium ridge wallet, which weighs 2.5 ounces, the carbon wallets are very lightweight and weigh only 1.6 ounces.

Aluminum – Tiki

If you are looking for a wallet that is patterned, then you must go with this one. The the ridge aluminum wallet has a variety of colors and patterns, which are discussed above. Besides, I prefer patterned wallets in the money clip version, as they look better in it.

Burnt Titanium

The most sold wallet is famous for being the most vital minimalist wallet. This ridge titanium wallet is made of grade 5 titanium which makes it weigh around 2.5 ounces. Besides, there are four colors in which this wallet is available.

Therefore, To conclude, while looking for the best wallets, form, and function is essential, and The Ridge wallets offer both of these features in a minimalist design. So without any second thought, buy the Ridge wallets as they all are worth having.

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