Shave Before Or After Shower? Which Method Is Better?

Shaving is something that both males and females do, and everyone has their way of doing it. But people are curious to know which shaving method is safe and, “is it better to shave before or after shower?” Some say to shave before showering, while others say that shaving in the shower gives you an amazing shaving experience.

There are many valid reasons, advantages, and disadvantages behind both methods. The correct timing of your shaving creates a significant impact on the quality of your shave, just like good razors and shaving foam does.

These questions are worth pondering, but you should never forget these key pointers if you are the person who shaves your body before diving into this.

  • If you have sensitive skin, you should consider shaving after the shower to avoid razor burns.
  • Only use that method that works best for your skin because using it the wrong way can cause skin problems.
  • If you want to save time, do shaving before the shower; it also works best for bead trimming.
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Shaving Before Shower

Are you shaving before a shower? It is preferred when using an electric razor because electric razors work best on dry skin and some of them on damp skin. Again, it entirely depends on personal choice.

  • Another noticeable point for shaving before a shower is that you should opt for shaving if you’ve got soft hairs with open skin pores.
  • If you are not using an electric razor, just wet your face with water. Apply a warm wet cloth because warm moisture will soak your whiskers and reduce hair strength by 80%.
  • People opting for electric razors are indirectly breaking one tradition of using razor blades.
  • Using electric razors instead of blade ones breaks another tradition of shaving after a shower. If you haven’t swapped your post-shower to pre-shower, you have to do this.
  • Those who are using an electric razor are supposed to shave before showers only because the foremost thing is electric razors work best on dry skin and not on damp skin.
  • Electric shaver works well on dry skin because your hair follicles are also dry. So, there are fewer chances that they will clog an electric shower.
  • The best time to shave and enjoy it with more pampering sessions is shaving before the shower. Moreover it is also considered the best method.
  • Shaving before a shower also saves much time on a hectic day because this method requires time efficiency.
  • Additionally, it helps open up your skin pores and gives you a smooth and easy shave by softening those bristly beards.
  • It also works best if you want to trim your beard.
  • Shaving before the shower helps you remove or wash off any shaving cream left on your face or neck. In addition, it’s easier to remove stray hairs that remain on your face and neck in the shower to prevent itchy hairs sitting in your shower shirt’s collar, irritating.

Some Pros And Cons

The most significant advantage of shaving before taking a shower is that it allows you to get ready faster. If you have a necessary appointment or you’re running late, you can skip the shower and go straight to getting ready. Just make sure to wear plenty of deodorant and cologne to smell pleasant.

The main problem with this is that your skin is still too dry. So you want to make sure you adequately moisturize your skin and then apply a liberal amount of shaving cream. This way, you provide lots of cushioning between the blade and your skin.

Shaving After Shower

Now comes the time-honored tradition many men do; it is post-shower shave. Post shaving is widely regarded as the superior method of the other methods. It’s because of the benefits of the hot shower, or you can say the pros of showering. The most important thing you need to know is what’s going on with your skin when you shower.

So your skin becomes more pliable, which means when you shower in warm water. Your skin tends to absorb that water which makes it more pliable it allows it to bend easily under the pressure of razor blades. Another effect causes it to enable your hair to become softer and swollen. Hence, it reduces the number of passes that your razor will need to make. Another benefit is that when you wash your face with any cleanser or any other face wash, it removes all the dirt, dead skin cells, and grime on your skin. It can prevent you from irritation.

  • Shaving after a shower offers many benefits, including hydration, cleanliness, and convenience.
  • Taking a shower in hot water and steams opens the pore on your face, which eventually softens your facial hair.
  • If you have sensitive skin and don’t use an electric shaver, this may be the best option for you if you suffer from frequent razor bumps or razor burns.
  • Shaving in shower or after a shower is much less messy than shaving before because you are all prepped in the shower. Therefore, you don’t need to do all those before shower shave step.

Some Pros And Cons

After a shower, your skin and hair are soft and wet. This makes it much easier for your razor to glide across your skin and for your scissors to cut your hair quickly. In addition to that, a hot shower helps open up your pores, making it easier to remove tough hairs.

If you’re planning to shave your legs, it’s best to shave right after a shower or bath. This will allow you to take advantage of the hydration provided by the water to ensure that your skin is open enough to shave easily.

One drawback is that you have to be careful not to get any hair strands on your body. You just took a shower, and you don’t want to have to step into the shower again.

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Is It Better To Shave Before Or After Shower?

Each method offers its advantages and disadvantages. If you can master one way and stick with it, then go ahead and give another technique a try. It just comes down to personal preference, and as long as you take the necessary precautions, you’ll be fine either way.

Shaving while you’re in the shower is a great idea. It’ll get your skin wet and ready when the razor comes out, which will make the process of shaving much effortless.

You should invest in a shower mirror if you want to avoid accidentally knicking yourself. You typically hang this from the faucet to ensure you don’t accidentally hit yourself.

Shaving Method: Simple Steps To Follow

Now let’s see what products to use and some basic steps to follow while shaving on different body parts. [1]

  • You should prepare your skin by splashing some water on your face, or you can do that wet hot cloth method to open up your pores.
  • After shaving, clean your face or body part properly and apply aftershave or any moisturizer to give back the moisture that your body needs.
  • Apply less pressure with your razor to get fewer nasty cuts and skin irritation.
  • If you are using electric shavers, it works best on dry skins
  • And if you are using a straight razor, you probably should not shave in the shower because you will require attention to the details while shaving with straight razors.
  • You need to shave different body parts, and every aspect requires other conditions.
  • Shaving your head needs a soft and wet head to open up the skin pores and make it easier to shave.
  • It would be best to use straight-edge razors to minimize accidental cuts and burns.
  • Due to hygiene issues, shaving on pubic, bikini, or leg areas needs wet shaving. It’s more hygienic to shave these areas during or after a hot shower because it’s easier to manage and dispose of them off.
  • Hair on the chest, armpits and other areas is advised to shave like the above ones, but it depends on your preference.

Final Verdict

Follow these tips for a truly fantastic shower and shave. Make sure to enjoy the process. There are few times a man feels more like a man than having a great shave. Hence, make sure shaving before or after shower is an enjoyable experience, not just a chore.

Straight razors and double-edged safety razors are not the right tools to use if you decide to try the before-shower shaving method, as they can prove dangerous in an enclosed space.

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