How Do You Make A Plain Shirt Look Cool?

T-shirts that are only worn as pajamas are common. I’m the only one who feels this way. They could be looser fitting, but you don’t have any to measure. These items sat in my closet unworn (aside from one pair of pajamas) because I didn’t want or couldn’t take them to a tailor, and I was also afraid to take a pair of scissors and fix the problem myself. No longer, however!

Before using them on my clothes, I cut up some cool used shirts (thanks, Goodfair!) to see how well my cutting abilities fared. Do you think she’s cute? You can even wear cut-up graphic tees into fall with the right layering for the last few weeks of summer. A cropped cut, a one-shoulder cut, sleeveless cut, and an overall distressed cut were the five styles I tried out, but you can go rogue with the scissors to create any other styles that speak to you.

Sometimes, it’s best to go all the way and cut the cloth off your T-shirt so that you’re in the appropriate location, even if your top isn’t quite long enough.

The first thing you’ll need is a pair of sharp scissors, which are best if they’re specifically designed for fabric, but any sharp scissors will do. For the record, I used Lunata’s hair-cutting scissors. To make marks on your clothing, a pen or washable chalk can also be useful, or you can eyeball it as I did. Not a doomsday scenario in any way! Here are five different ways to cut a T-shirt that you should know about. It’s fine to poke fun at my lack of DIY skills.

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Cold Shoulder T-shirt

What do you think? Would a plain white t-shirt be able to view more of the world if it was decorated in some way? If you’re a lover of the latest shoulder cutout trend, you’ll enjoy this guide from Sky Not Fancy.

T-Shirt To Gathered Tank Top

For some people, the cooler straps of a tank top outweigh the warmer sleeves, so they don’t wear t-shirts nearly as often as those with sleeves. With this in mind, we think that a gathered tank top tutorial on brazen Bernadette might be a better fit for you!

T-Shirt To Long Sleeve Shirt

Is it getting chilly where you live, and you wish you had more long-sleeve shirts to keep you warm? Assuming this is the case, we’re willing to bet that you’d prefer this straightforward tutorial from Ken Andrew Daily, which explains how you can add contrast sleeves to your t-shirt to make it warmer.

Cage Sleeve T-Shirt

Could the sleeves on your t-shirt be too long or too prominent because you’ve grown tired of the way it currently appears? When this is the case, we’d like you to check out what brazen Bernadette did to create these amazing cage sleeves using some simple lines cut in a row to create scratch-like slices.

No-Sew Braided Side T-Shirt

Have an oversized T-shirt that you like but that you think you’d wear more often if it were a little more slimmed down? ‘ We think you’ll enjoy Janie Brown’s method of reattaching the sides of their t-shirt using a simple and fun loop braiding technique.

Crewneck To A V-Neck With Ruching

A crew neck t-shirt that was accidentally shrunk may still fit in other places, but the neckline is now a little too high. If that’s the case, perhaps making a V-neck out of it will make you more at ease. Using no-sew thread ruching techniques, like the one used by crafty WI Mama, is a method we admire.

Braided Neckline T-Shirt

Did our mention of making some fun loop braiding pique your interest, but you’d prefer to do it somewhere other than down the sides of your t-shirt where it will be less visible? To see how Turtle reworked this awesome t-shirt, we recommend looking at how he removed its original neckline and replaced it with this gorgeous loop braided detail!

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T-Shirt To Balenciaga Inspired Crop Top

When it comes to altering a t-shirt, would you rather make it look like a completely different shirt or spend the time and effort to do so? If you’re like us, you’ll want to see howCollectivegan turned an old t-shirt into a cross-over crop top that looks just like one from Balenciaga’s latest collection.

Open Tea With A Back Knot

Are you looking for a simple way to add some visual interest to a slightly oversized t-shirt that you like but aren’t sure you want to change its sleek form? Then perhaps it’s time to spruce up the back instead! Wobi Sobi has a great cutout and knotted back t-shirt that we think looks great and is a breeze to make.

Open Back Knotted 

Cutting a top is inevitable, but do you want it to look like an auld style, perhaps from the 1980s or 1990s? This front knotted crop top outlined in a few simple steps on tomboy Vintage might be a better fit for you if that’s the case!

Diy Fringe T-Shirt

Is the whole crop top concept appealing to you, but you’re still not sure if you want to shave off the bottom of your shirt? You might want to try this fringed-bottomed t-shirt instead, which is made by making simple cuts up from the hemline all the way around and then pulling the resulting strings to round them out. A Girl and a Glue Gun have all the information you need to make your own!

Diy Racerback Tank With Braided Straps

You may have a favorite tank top for your workouts, but it’s gotten a little stretched out and now hangs in an awkward position. Since you’ll be wearing a sports bra underneath anyhow, why not open it up a little more and then add some new, pretty detail? In our opinion, skinny Fat Girl Diary has done a fantastic job of making this braided racerback tank top simple to follow.

Lace Cap Sleeves Tank Top

In some of our tank top descriptions, we have suggested using a t-shirt instead of a tank top if you do not like the straps. When it comes to fashion, you can’t go wrong when you follow the instructions in this bead and cord tutorial, which shows you how to change an old tank top into an adorable t-shirt by adding lace to the straps.

Woven Knots Crop Top

Even if you don’t mind cutting a t-shirt or tank top short, do you still want to add some neat detail to make it a crop top? If so, read on for some tips. If that’s the case, we think you’d look great in this woven-looking knotted crop from Clones n’ Clowns, which is outlined in simple detail.

V-Neck Tank Top With Tied Sides

Were you intrigued by the loop braided fitted tee we showed you before, but you weren’t convinced that the braided detail was enough to pique your interest? For those who find that method unappealing, we recommend trying this fringed knots technique from delightfully Kristi instead! The V-neck cut into the crew-style neckline is also a nice touch.

Therefore, Is there a t-shirt alteration top that you’ve made before that you’ve been very pleased with and still wear that you don’t see on our list? It’s time to show us what you’ve done with your hands. I sincerely hope that this article was helpful to you in some way.

Thank you for stopping by!

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