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In this article, we will look for the best hair mousse that works for hair. Hair volume means the head with bouncy hair that gives a lift to the roots of the hair and the hair looks thick. Hair volume is primarily influenced by genetics, the growth cycle, and a by-monthly haircare regimen.

Women are more likely than men to have voluminous hair because women are more concerned with their appearance. Hair volume, without a doubt, plays a significant role in physical appearance. The thin volume of hair is called “fine hair.”  The healthy volume of hair also varies from individual to individual.

People with thin hair use different tips and tools to enhance their volume, and at the same time, those who have voluminous hair will be trying to reduce the volume. Hair changes the look of a person. Some find it hard to carry, especially in summer. It is quite hard for women to maintain voluminous hair with good length.

But you will barely find 10% of people that will be unhappy with good volume. People opt for voluminous hairstyles because they are noticeable and because they are easy to glam.

Most people inherit good volume, but some achieve it through specific treatment and care routines associated with volume enhancement. Despite all these things, sometimes the hair volume starts to decline. Many factors contributed to this loss.

  • Hormonal Issues
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Bad sleeping pattern,
  • inappropriate use of products

But recovering the volume isn’t impossible. By fixing all the above issues, voluminous hair can be regained.

Now the thing is how to maintain volume. Those who have volume and those who don’t have volume will be wondering how to maintain it. Some different tips and tools are best for increasing hair volume but don’t forget that one thing that is good for one person will not be good for another. Before adhering to anything, first, determine your hair type and nature. You should be familiar with the dos and don’ts. The most common and feasible thing to use for hair volume is mousse.

A mousse is a spongy item that has a cream or gelatin base texture. It gives your hair volume thrice and makes it shiny and soft. Mousse isn’t only concerned with volume; it’s one of the workable products for curly and frizzy hair. But today, there is a wide variety of mousses on the market, which makes it hard to choose. Also, mousses differ from one hair type to another and from volume to volume.

Mousse for the type of volume:

Hair volume is mainly categorized into two types.

  • The thick volume
  • The thin volume

Mousse for thick volume

Here we are going to mention the four best mousses for those with a good or thick volume of hair. These will give your hair a bouncy, softer, and shiny look and feel and will prevent stickiness.

OGX’s Moisture Mousse

This mousse costs around $6.87. It slakes rough-textured and wavy hair. This moisture does great to tame frizz, quench hair, and make hair soft and radiant. Amazon’s reviewers bombarded it with raving reviews. It’s a heavy but long-lasting product that only works wonders for thick hair.

 Pantene Pro-V’s

This mousse is best for keeping thick hair for a long time. It will keep your hair in place. Compared to OGX’s, it’s a bit pricey as it costs around $ 19 or something. One good thing about this styling mousse is that, despite having a stronghold ability, it doesn’t make the hair greasy or sticky at all. It has a non-sticky formula that gives a lifted and bouncy look to hair and doesn’t weigh down the hair.

 Fixxe Mousse

Thermafuse Fixxe is the best choice to maintain style with lightweight hold mousse. It fulfills all the requirements for using mousse. It gives hair a soft, lifted look without containing sulfate. To quench coarse and frizziness, it contains keratin, which tames frizziness, hydrates hair, and makes the strands smooth. One thing that differentiates it from the other mentioned mousse is that its usage isn’t bound to a thick volume. It goes for both thin and thick volumes. It costs around $110.

 Oribe plumping mousse

Oribe is a reputable brand for quality products. Hairstylists are found to be huge fans of this brand. The hair mousse of this brand is also well known due to its superior quality. This top-notch mousse hydrates and softens the hair strands. It has a rich hydrating formula and its building blocks are best to protect head hair from heat and help prevent regaining hair damage. It achieves the goal of using mousse. It’s a bit pricey as its price tag is up to $39, but the investment is worth it.

Thin hair mousse:

The mousse conundrums for thick hair have been solved; now it’s time to solve the conundrum for thin hair mousse. Fine hair has a greater need for mousse for lifting and giving a bouncy look to hair. We get confused when we are provided with a large list of choices. So here we will go for some pocket-friendly and reputable mousse to avoid confusion.

Paul Mitchell

A well-reviewed and reputable mousse that is not only suitable for fine or thick hair but also goes well for other hair types. We can say it is a one-to-many product. Its building blocks contain conditioning and thickening formulas that make hair shiner, smoother, and more manageable. The best thing is that it doesn’t have that rotten smell like other hair products. Its fragrance has an energizing note of lemon and some citrus herbal touches. But the fragrance gives a good feeling.

John Frieda

The volume lifter by brand John Frieda is another best purchase one can ever invest in. It not only makes the hair voluminous but is also a lightweight whipped foam. It gives hold to the hairstyle. This mousse is safe to use for color-treated hair, and its whipped foam gives the best moisturizing effect on the hair. This is a three-in-one product that gives a lightweight fullness, a scented effect, and a moisturizing effect.

Kenra Volume

This mousse resists humidity and has a thermal formula. It gives hair fullness, bounciness, shine, and a no-dry look. Like John Frieda, it isn’t scented but is silicon free. It is also best to hold style without any stiffness or sickness. Before using it, shake the bottle well and apply it to damp hair. Apply it evenly throughout the hair.

Matrix Total Result High Amplify

Matrix high amplify is best for full-bodied lifting and provides touchable thickness. The workable hair type for this mousse is the straight hair type. It also contains protein to produce volume and also makes the structure limp. It is a must-have product for gaining shine, smoothness, and volume.

Mousse on an Ingredient Basis:

Above, we have listed some mousse that goes well for 2 different types of hair: thin and thick volume hair. Now we will extract a few mousses on an ingredient basis. Any product result depends on building blocks. When considering purchasing a cosmetic product, always read the ingredient list.


This mousse achieves its goal by giving volume to the hair. But it has a key ingredient, Panathol, which gives a highly soothing effect to the hair. Panthenol also produces lipids that are vital for strong and enriched skin barriers. Along with that, it has many other ingredients like aqua, butane, etc. As aqua performs the main function of ingredients solvent and butane does the job of propellant which is used in cosmetic products.


With the best shampoo and other hair products, TRESemme isn’t lagging in choosing a good mousse collection. It has different flavors of mousse for different hair types. Its ingredient list has aqua, isobutane, keratin/gelatin, fragrance, etc. Aqua and butane play roles as a solvent and a propellant, respectively, while the fragrance is for a scented effect. Keratin is best for settling and soothing the cells, which produce stand-by overlapping.

The quantity of used hair mousse varies from length to length. An egg-sized or golf-sized dollop of mousse is enough to blend on the roots of long hair, and the same amount works well on mid-length hair. Don’t overload your hair with products and brush your hair thoroughly after implementing the products.

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